Showcase Artists page 2

      Submission Guide


We are honoured to be able to play your wonderful creations, cool independent songs from every musical tribe in the Universe

and look forward to featuring them all over the NBTMusicRadio’s 24 hour stream as it beams out to homes across the globe.


 As we get so many submissions a day, there are a few rules we ask you to follow

so that we don’t use up valuable time and strain resources, and get your material on air as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Feel free to play the NBTMusicRadio via the HERE as you read.. (opens in new window)

you know you want to !


 We have to be kind of strict about this,

so please DO follow the instructions closely, (never fear: they are not difficult)

The First Four items here are essential


 1)      We ONLY accept Mp3s.

It’s a space and time thing. Quality is should be 128Kb or higher.

The Free Audio Converter is just one  great tool out there for converting almost any music format into Mp3


 2)      Because of that Submission tidal wave we mentioned we CANNOT accept tunes in emails anymore,

please DO pay attention to this , as should we get them in our Post box ( unless otherwise arranged between us)

the emails will just be ignored.


 3)      To get the tunes to us please have them as a ZIP of Mp3s and then upload them to the site of your choice for us to fetch,

good ones include Dropbox , Hightail, WeTransfer and similar.

All of them have FREE options which will more than satisfy your needs.

Our contact email for all of these is music@nbtmusic.de


 4)      Please ensure that the tracks are properly tagged and labelled.

That is they MUST have the correct Artist and Title info embedded.

A great free  and simple to use tool for this is Mp3tag. AGAIN ; we CANNOT accept tunes without this.


 5)      It’s very useful when sending the tracks to include any album artwork, band promo pics and a Word Doc

with links to your social network pages and home page.

Basically the more you send us the easier it is for us to promote you.


 6)      If its First contact between your band and the NBTMusicRadio,

PLEASE email us first with a request for airplay music@nbtmusic.de and we can then move on from there,

again in the emails tell us as much about you as possible and links to your homepage and music sites.

If you just email us unsolicited tracks we, unfortunately will have to just ignore them.


 Well that’s it, rather simple really, so let’s get your music out THERE!